PhytoEnergy Bio-Fuel Project

The PhytoEnergy Group is now in the phase of implementing the 200.000 mto/y biodiesel plant in Coega IDZ (near Port Elizabeth) Eastern Cape, South Africa. The plant core technology will be delivered from German world market leaders on the newest state of the art technology, all other technology will come from local suppliers and civil engineering will be done by South African companies. The chosen technology is Multi-Feedstock capable and able to produce Bio-Jet Fuel in future.

The whole required electricity and the thermal energy for the plant will be generated with alternative energy sources on a nearly CO2 greenhouse gas neutral basis.  

The required canola feedstock (rape seed) will be locally produced under a unique, sustainable and ISCC certified agrarian model, supported by the national DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries), and providing guidance for industrial scale energy and food crop production in the Eastern Cape province with the capacity up to 15000 permanent jobs. The so called "PhytoEnergy Emerging Farmer Mentorship Program". 

The Production of certified biodiesel according to EN DIN 14214 will be exported to European and international markets according to the relevant blending requirements but can also be used locally for the upcoming “Blending Regulation” or for the mining industry as a sulfur free diesel alternative.

The secondary products, the so called oil-cake or protein meal, is a valuable animal feed which remains in SA as a substitute for imports from South America. 




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