PhytoEnergy Group

The PhytoEnergy Group of Companies was founded in 2004 by a group of South African and German project developers.

The team includes Energy Market Macro-Economists, Life Scientists, Plant Engineers, Agronomists, Cultivation Specialists, System Engineers, Certification Specialists, CPAs, Lawyers and Financial Advisors.


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Our goal

The conceptual development effort led to a well defined first project, the implementation of the PhytoEnergy Biofuel Project Eastern Cape - focussing on biodiesel, in close cooperation with national and provincial departments, i.e. the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), the EDD (Economic Development Department), the DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and the DRDLR (Department of Rural Development and Land Reform). 

In 2016 the core team of the PhytoEnergy Group took over the project from the PhytoEnergy International Holding AG in order to bring the project as a solely South African project to implementation.


Odoo Members 

The PhytoEnergy Bio-Fuel Project   

The PhytoEnergy Bio-Fuel Project and its sustainable Integrated Cropping Model (SAFFARI) was jointly developed by SA Government Agencies, PhytoEnergy of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd, PhytoFarming (Pty) Ltd. and KPMG-SA, in pursuance of the objectives of the 2003 Renewable Energy Strategy and the 2008 Biofuels Industrial Strategy of the Republic of South Africa.

In the Industrial Policy Plan (IPAP 2), released in February 2010, the PhytoEnergy Biofuels Project is mentioned in the Key Action Plan (KAP) 12.8.1, as the only Biofuels project of strategic importance for South Africa. The project is also in line with the "New Growth Plan" of SA.