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PhytoEnergy Group  - leading in Biodiesel-knowledge

The PhytoEnergy Group is a global organization with vast expertise in biofuel project development and management. To fulfill all international requirements for sustainably produced biofuels, the PhytoEnergy Group cooperates with global partners who have unique capabilities and technical know-how.

The PhytoEnergy Group, as a system integrator, incorporates our global partners capability and know-how to use the most reliable and effective solution with state of the art technologies.

A core feature of the company is to secure the required feedstock of the bio-fuel plant throughout its Agrarian Model which allows co-growth of food and energy crops under biological rotation methods under dry-land conditions to avoid the food versus fuel conflict. This forms part of SAFFARI (South African Food & Fuel Agricultural Ramp-up Initiative), a PhytoEnergy agricultural ramping-up initiative in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape Province.